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VPS Cloud Hosting

Spectrum - VPS Cloud Based Hosting

Virtualization has been a mainstay of mainframes and midrange systems for over 30 years. Now that this technology has become available on industry standard systems running common operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Unix, the word “Virtualization” has become a major catch phrase being bandied about in the media today.


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Pricing - Cloud Based Virtual Server

Virtulisation is priced per virtual server or slice.

A Standard slice includes

1 Gigabyte of RAM.
15 Gigabytes of disk storage.
Automated Backup and Restore on hot standby cluster for slices under 45 gigabytes of disk storage
250 Gigabytes per month internet traffic per slice group.
Unlimited domain names per slice group.
On gong performance monitoring and support
Diverse option allowing for real time no break disaster recovery

Total monthly reoccurring $145 per slice. Add disk/ram/cpu's by adding more slices.

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