Nanoreash Information Messenger

    NanoReash - WireFrame

    Commenced Development in June 2006 –  Presently Active
    Platform development:  SQL,  HTML5, Dynamic CSS3 & Java -script, Mobile

    Nanoreash is a wireframe which has the essential tools for you to reach out and discover your potential.

    It’s called nanoreash, because Every Nanosecond Counts. In it's inaugural the cms weighed in at just 300 KB compressed It's considered as ultra  light, hense loads extremely fast. unlike most Opensource CMS Systems though that's on the change - Nanoreash Set's Benchmarks - Tested Results Improved 1/2 Of the Bounce Rate of it's competitiors.

    Nanoreash has some distinct advantages. Even better,  Nanoreash is white labeled by default, so in actual fact, SKIZCorp Technology are acting upon as your partner rather than your website devoping company or agency. The most important aspect about Nanoreash is that the system has been shaped over several years based on small business feedback, small business feedback is considered very valuable as its by paying customers who work very hard and are very serious about their business practice.

    Distinct Advantages

    • Any additional functions can be adapted to the existing base framework
    • The system architecture is designed in a way that each page load is tens of KB per second, hense the page load is faster than any known popular system on the market.
    • Each system sits on a Virtual Dedicated server - No Clouds, just seriously high speed web hosting and dedicated bandwidth within a T1 infrastructure Data Centre.
    • The page SEO score is between 97-100% on every page, this means you will get maximum return on investment for your search engine marketing activities.
    • Very little bandwidth is required so when you perform advertising externally and anticipate a high volume visitor traffic, you can rest assure that visitors won't be put in a que in order to access your web page

    Key features include:

    • Effortlessly create, edit, enable, disable delete, search web pages with a few clicks.
    • Special random control features to make pages have a fresh new look each and every time a page loads.
    • Manage and send multiple email campaigns
    • Multi lingual capability
    • Simple and Advanced search features
    • Restricted file transfer access for members
    • Simple and easy to use with dedicated support
    • Strong Website Front end Development

    Nanoreash is considered as a small scale system so you can expect to be providing your customers with a professional dynamic unique hand coded website for well under 10K.   Each version of nanoreash is configured by a SKIZcorp Engineer and a Grade 1 and/or 2 designer, some customers perfer to have their existing designers work together with skizcorp, and SKIZCorp are OK with it, in this case we and If approved by the customer the designer also has the privileged of wearing the badge of credit on the web site as SKIZCorp Systems are whitelabled by default.  When you order the nanoreash, you can expect a turn around time on development is under 1 month, if in the rare case a customer is not happy with the project a full refund minis the original administration deposit will be returned, however generally we will design and develop until the client is fully satisfied if not, very impressed because our success is measured upon your success.

    More information on nanoreash

     Starting from AUD $899 ex Gst.   Unless Advertised as a package deal